Visit Venice starting from Hotel Galleria

Venice is plenty of richness to see, museums to visit, historical sites to live for the intensive emotion transmitted to tourists.
It’s a city where walking through narrows and “calli” and “fondamenta” gives incomparable awesomeness. It would be difficult to give a proper guide to tourists that will find a large variety of choices to satisfy their wishes.

Neverthless we decide to give our guests some suggestions to visit Venice, taking our hotel, that could be consider in the very center of the city, as a starting point.


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Ponte Accademia

Leaving from our hotel you immediately find the marvellous Accademia Gallery. Otherwise, if you like modern art most, you’ll be able to visit Guggeheim Museum which is five minutes far from our hotel.

Proceeding along this part of Venice, which was duty zone since the time of Serenissima, you’ll admire Salute Church, venetians vow to avert Black Death.

Then walk along fondamenta of Zattere beside the canale of Giudecca, ancient and new passageway of marchant and passenger ships.

Cross the canal via typical “palanca”, shuttle between the two sides of the canal, and walk through narrows of Giudecca and maybe with a stop in Harry’s Dolci.


Piazza San Marco

Five minutes far from our hotel you’ll reach San Marco Square. All around the square ancient cafes, in front the wonderful Basilica with its bizantine mosaics.

In a glimpse the Clock Tower and the height of the Campanile.

Then walking to the pier watch by the two high S. Giorgio’s and Todaro’s columns, Palazzo Ducale doges’ residence and administrative heart of Venice of the past.


Ponte Rialto
Immersed in the very old part of Venice, you’ll admire Rialto Bridge.
Leaving from here you’ll proceed of the economical heart of the city, walking beside Goldoni Theatre, Campo S. Maria Formosa to reach S. Marco Square.

Walking to the railway you’ll pass through Strada Nova, one of the largest street of the city.
Turning from main way, you’ll finally arrive in Campo S. Giovanni and Paolo, a part of the city not so famous but surely to see to understand Venice of venetians.